“Cooking is like love.

It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”


- Harriet Van Horne

At Relish Catering, each of our cooking classes is customized to the needs of the client.  Whether it is an introductory cooking class on basic knife skills or an intensive course on Northern Italian fresh pasta and sauce pairings for professional chefs, Chef Ed Jiloca teaches every class.  

With all of these classes, an emphasis is placed on learning techniques and working with seasonal products.  Our cooking classes are a great way to fuel your love of food and can also serve as a great team-building exercise for businesses and small groups.


Our Classes

- Hors d’ouevres, Small Bites, and Tapas -

Students learn how to create a wide array of delicious and beautiful small items that are perfect for cocktail parties and small get-togethers.

- Farmers’ Market to Table -

Our most popular class. Students travel with Chef Jiloca to a local farmers’ market, and then return home to prepare dishes based on the best local produce of the day.

- Basic Culinary Techniques (Series) -

Perfect for those who want to significantly enhance their cooking or flirted with the idea of going to culinary school. Students learn basic culinary fundamentals and techniques through a series of classes. The customized series range from 2 to 12 classes.

- Introduction to Fresh Pasta Making -

The techniques of making the dough, rolling, shaping, and cooking the pasta are introduced. Chef Jiloca’s passion for the regional pastas of Italy brings a vibrancy to the class that inspires students to continue making pasta at home.